Recovery Room

We’ve created a private space for our patients. Whether you’re in need of numbing cream application or prefer to put on your makeup after your treatment, we have a space to fit both of those needs in a relaxing and comfortable environment.

numbing cream

We partner with pharmacies to create our own custom blend of numbing creams to provide you with the highest level of comfort. In addition, if one is receiving dermal filler injections, the majority of the dermal filler products we carry have lidocaine, which is a numbing medication, mixed in with the filler product. This combined with our custom numbing cream blend creates for a better overall experience.

pro nox

We partner with CareStream America to provide our patients with ProNox (laughing) gas. This is a different mixture than what is provided at the dentist’s office and is cleared by the FDA as an analgesic for pain relief, not anesthesia. Unlike the dentist office, this type is administered fully by the patient as the patient needs it and eliminates the body quickly for patients to continue on about their day.

vibrata/vibration device

We offer the Vibrata vibration device which is used as a distraction tool when getting injectables or other treatments.


Since Balk Aesthetics is physician owned and operated, we are able to provide patients with prescription medications on site to reduce patient pain and anxiety and increase patient comfort when needed.